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Bath & Body Works Christmas Scents New Fragrances

Christmas Scents by Bath & Body Works - New for 2022 these festive fruity gourmand fragrances are inspired by the holiday season. This winter scent collection of bath and body products include traditional favorites like vanilla, balsam, peppermint, and candy apple. The scents are available in fine fragrance mists, body lotions, shower gels, and hand soaps beginning in November. Cheer up your bath with this sweet Christmas scent collection.

Bath & Body Works Christmas Scents 2022

New Winter Fragrances 2022

Bright Christmas Morning - NEW
Bright, fruity fragrance version of Christmas morning excitement. Fragrance notes: ripe red berries, blood orange and crisp apple.

Christmas Cookies
Fluffy, festive sugar cookie of the season. Fragrance notes: creamy cookie dough, almond biscotti and caramel woods.

Twisted Peppermint
Giving the tree a sweet, fresh finishing touch. Fragrance notes: cool peppermint, sugared snow, fresh balsam and vanilla buttercream.

Vanilla Bean Noel
Sweet, creamy, fresh-baked holiday treats. Fragrance notes: fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream and snow-kissed musk.

Winter Candy Apple
Super-sweet fruit treat you look forward to all year. Fragrance notes: red apples, winter rose petals, candied oranges, maple leaf and fresh cinnamon.

Bath & Body Works Christmas Scents Ad 2022

The Christmas fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Ultimate Hydration Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel ($13.50 - $16.50).

Christmas Scent Collection

Dream Bright - NEW
A floral-fruity fragrance dream come true - brilliant, unforgettable and bold. Fragrance notes: sapphire berries, night-blooming orchid and crystalized vanilla.

Fireside Flurries - NEW
Getting cozy around the campfire in a sparkling winter wonderland. Fragrance notes: toasted marshmallow, pink lavender and cashmere woods.

Frosted Coconut Snowball
A sweet, creamy, island-meets-igloo getaway. Fragrance notes: frosted coconut, whipped vanilla, sugar crystals, winter freesia and snow-kissed woods.

Iced Sugar Plum - NEW
Fruity, creamy Christmas candies. Fragrance notes: sparkling sugar plum, snowdrop petals and whipped marshmallow.

Magic In the Air
A sweet, floral, wonderous wish come true. Fragrance notes: almond flower, sparkling persimmon, white iris, whipped vanilla bourbon and fluffy sandalwood.

Merry Cookie - NEW Fine Fragrance Mist
The decadent sugar cookie Santa really wants this year. Fragrance notes: creamy cookie dough, almond biscotti and caramel wood.

Rainbow Swirl Candy - NEW
Cool, fruity candy canes. Fragrance notes: sugar dipped strawberries, candied clementine, cool peppermint, lemon drop, vanilla rock candy and raspberry musk.

Snowflakes & Cashmere
Snuggling into the softest blanket on a bright winter morning. Fragrance notes: vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods and frosted clementine.

Starlit Night - NEW
Stargazing with your sweetheart along the tree line. Fragrance notes: snowberry, midnight iris and sensual agarwood.

Strawberry Snowflakes - NEW
Fluffy, fruity flurry. Fragrance notes: juicy strawberry, whipped cream and iced bergamot.

Vanilla Mocha Martini - NEW
A double shot of sweet and creamy java—shaken, not stirred. Fragrance notes: cozy cappuccino, vanilla orchid and white tonka bean.

Winterberry Wonder
A sweet and fruity snowfall. Fragrance notes: ruby frost winterberry, sparkling cranberry and crystal vanilla.

Bath & Body Works Christmas Scents Hand Soaps 2022
New Christmas Hand Soap Collection

The Bath & Body Works Holiday hand soap collection is available in Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and Gentle Gel Hand Soap ($7.50 - $8.50) in the following festive fragrances.

New Fragrances

After Dark - NEW - the citrusy, warm, velvety accessory your night-out wardrobe needs. Spiced bergamot, amber and smooth tonka.

Blackberry Bergamot - NEW - woodsy and earthy with a touch of fruity. Dark blackberries, snowy cedarwood and creamy vetiver.

Christmas Coconut Brittle - NEW - sweet, nutty, spiced toffee. Toasted coconut, caramelized cashews and cinnamon swirl.

Gingerbread Bakery - NEW - warm, sweet, spiced pastry shop treats. Gingerbread cookies, brown sugar icing and cinnamon spice.

Glistening Gumdrop - NEW - fruity, spiced holiday gummies. Sparkling gumdrops, juicy orange and holiday spice.

Vanilla Icicles - NEW - Nature's sweet, creamy, floral crystals. Whipped vanilla, amber woods and iced jasmine.

White Iris & Cedarwood - NEW - frost-kissed forest foliage. Iris blossoms, winter cedarwood and glimmering snowflakes.

Holiday Favorites

Artic Woods - a snowshoeing adventure in the forest. Crisp air, fresh cedarwood and clean musk.

Champagne Toast - a fruity, sweet, sparkling spritzer. Bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine.

Coconut Mint Drop - a fresh, coconutty holiday confection. White coconut, iced peppermint and winter musk.

Cranberry Peach - sweet, tangy fruit punch. Sweet peaches, tart cranberry and gala apple.

Crushed Candy Cane - cool, sweet, minty candy. Crunchy peppermint, white sugar crystals and frosted mint leaves.

First Snow - standing under the fir trees during the first snowfall of the season. Cool crisp air, frozen pine and snowy mint.

Fresh Balsam - cool and woodsy, just like the great outdoors. Woodland balsam, crisp eucalyptus and cedarwood.

Fresh Sparkling Snow - cool and crisp, just like the first snowfall of the season. Icy melon, holiday pear and falling snow.

Frosted Cranberry - snow-kissed fruits in the forest. Frosted cranberry, red delicious apple and blonde wood.

Frozen Lake - a brisk skate around nature's ice rink. Frozen cypress, eucalyptus and juniper berry.

Holiday Mistletoe - a sweet, woodsy kiss of Christmas cheer. Frozen cranberries, icy peppermint and balsam branches.

Iced Blue Lavender - a calm and cool day off. Iced lavender, clary sage and chilled musk.

Iced Cinnamon Rolls - sweet, cinnamony breakfast treat you love - with a bright twist. Warm cinnamon, fresh orange and sugar glaze.

Mahogany Balsam - traipsing through the forest in your favorite wintry ensemble. Juniper berry, fresh balsam and mahogany wood.

Marshmallow Fireside - sweet treats (and memories) 'round the bonfire. Toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods and fire roasted vanilla.

Moonlit Flurries - a wintry weekend at the cabin. Cozy sandalwood, warm clove and winter vanilla.

Peppermint Sugar Cookie - sweet holiday nostalgia with a cool, minty twist. Crushed peppermint, creamy butter and soft sugar cookies.

Snowy Peach Berry - dancing around in the sweetest wintry snow globe. Snow-kissed cranberries, frosted peach blossom and shimmering woods.

Sweater Weather - a chilly winter day in your favorite knit. Sage, eucalyptus and fresh woods.

Tis the Season - the spiced, fruity, woodsy spirit of the season. Red apple, ground cinnamon and clove.

Toasted Vanilla Chai - the perfect morning pick-me-up that's as cozy as it is smooth. Whipped vanilla, spun sugar and winter spice.

Vanilla Snowflake - a sweet, creamy, frosted flurry. Creamy vanilla, toasted coconut and sparkling citrus.

Wild Berry & Plum - fresh market fruits with a hint of warm spice. Blueberries, peach nectar and a touch of cinnamon sugar.

Winter - a glistening, bright, woodsy winter wonderland. Spiced orange, fir balsam and clove buds.

Winter Citrus Wreath - a bright, wintry, woodsy garland. Balsam wreath, fresh citrus and forest breeze.

Winterberry Ice - a frosted fruit medley. Iced cherries, juicy orange and snowy lime.

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Bright Christmas Morning
Dream Bright
Frosted Coconut Snowball
Merry Cookie
Strawberry Snowflakes
Twisted Peppermint
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple

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