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Molinard fragrance and perfume list.

Molinard fragrances: Molinard is a perfume house founded in 1849 in Grasse, France.

Molinard Perfumes (by year launched)
  • 2017 - Le Reve Nirmala
  • 2016 - Habanita La Cologne
  • 2014 - La Collection Privee: Acqua Lotus | Ambre Lumiere | Cher Wood | Rose Emois | Secret Sucre
  • 2013 - Habanita L'Esprit
  • 2012 - Habanita (originally launched in 1921)
  • 2011 - Eau de Molinard
  • 2010 - Patchouli Intense
  • 1921 - Habanita (original scent, 1924 parfum)

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Molinard - perfume house

Molinard perfumery

About Molinard
Molinard - perfumer in Grasse. Founded in 1849, Molinard offers exclusive range of perfumes in Grasse. Combining modernity and tradition of over 160 years of history in the selection of scents, making essences and clean the house Molinard bottles. Member of the French Committee of perfume and French Federation of perfumery, Molinard has kept the value of the quality and expertise and operates in nearly 40 countries. Molinard brings his creativity in the history of perfume. You can find this story by visiting the perfumery in Grasse and learn the manufacture and the combination of fragrances.
Source: (2013, translated via Google)

Contact Molinard
Molinard - 60, boulevard Victor Hugo, 06130 Grasse, FRANCE
Tel. +33 4 92 42 33 28 |

Molinard Perfumes

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