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Leilani Bishop fragrance and perfume list.

Leilani Bishop fragrances: Leilani Bishops is an American model. She launched her fragrance line in 2012.

Leilani Bishop Perfumes (by year launched)

Leilani Bishop - perfume and model

Leilani Bishop, model

About Leilani Bishop
Leilani Bishop in HawaiiInspired by her upbringing in Hawaii and her travels around the world as a fashion model, Leilani created the LEILANI BISHOP collection of single- note scents. In Hawaiian, LEILANI means "Flowers from Heaven" and growing up on the beautiful island of Kauai, she has been heavily influenced by the sensuality of flowers. The three single-note fragrances in the LEILANI BISHOP collection - Pikake, Lilac and Orange Blossom - are inspired by the memories each individual scent evokes.
Source: (Oct. 2012)

Contact Leilani Bishop
Leilani Bishop Fragrances - 412 Broadway 5th Fl, New York, NY 10013
Tel. 1-917-847-6786

Leilani Bishop Perfumes

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