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140 McTyere Ave
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About Us

d+p Design Build, LLC was founded by David Dill and Paul Purser, and our journey from architecture school to present day has shaped this business into what it is today. d+p provides architectural design and know-how into projects that do not generally receive such attention. Our experience in design helps to make your next project one that you can be proud of in its functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

At d+p Design Build, we consider three basic abstract ideas according to architectural thought: form, aesthetics, and function. David and Paul, of course, have different backgrounds and have formed different views about these basic ideas, and that is what makes d+p unique. We challenge each other and find a balance that is expressed in design.


David Dill, Partner

David grew up in a DIY household and spent a lot of time in his grandfather's wood shop turning bowls and making small odds and ends. His father and grandfather instilled in him a love of woodworking, building, and creating. David worked on various construction sites during most summers throughout high school and college. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor's of Architecture and a minor in Business and Economics. He interned with FoilWyatt Architects in Jackson, MS and with eMi (Engineering Ministries International) in Kampala, Uganda.


Paul Purser, Partner, Licensed Contractor, LEED AP BC+D

Paul grew up in a home where if it were even slightly possible to 'make something' work they tried it. “I learned an ethic that gives me a good amount of gumption to try new things. I've found that my creativity comes from not being afraid to explore new ideas and methods." Paul graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor's of Architecture. He interned with Pryor Morrow Architects and worked with Ming Construction. He became a licensed contractor in 2012 and continues to work towards getting his Architect license.

Paul and David in their shop in Midtown.

Paul and David in their shop in Midtown.